Meaning of maori pendant

29/12/2013 | News

Our hand crafted pendants have a high quality beautiful gloss.
The  Maori had no written language.  Stories of gods were handed down through generations by artifacts : fine arts, crafts like baskets, cloth weaving and also jade carving. These artifacts were objects or treasures “Taonga”, telling the history of a tribe and taking on the spirits of past great leaders and warriors who had worn them.  So handing over these objects is like you give the spirit of all those people over many generations.  Therefore it is a great treasure to give and to wear.

When you give a maori pendant to a beloved or a person you respect, you give a treasure.  And when this person wears this with respect you have a spiritual link between people, it takes on part of the spirit of those who wear or handle it.

Each piece has a story or meaning behind its design.



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