We want to design for people who enjoy their lives. Inspirational people, people like you…and me. Inspired by nature, by the world around us. We design products that will provide you with a beautiful and luxurious feeling for a lifetime. We promise to inspire you to live that life!


Be dazzled with the ingenious designs of Faye-Ligui kitchen accessories. Their sleek, stainless-steel finish is dotted with points of surprise to make your kitchen space stand out from the rest. Their ode to contemporary style is achieved with handmade care that’s closely watched over – from design to finish – by founder, Wim Maex (Max).


Our own black beauty. High quality, definitely luxurious and handmade lifestyleproducts.

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Discover these chic and functional pieces that are dense with creativity!


Every piece is authentic, truly unique with its own story. Like yourself.

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I was motivated to create ‘Faye-Ligui’ with a desire for perfection and beauty, coupled with a passion to develop unique products. I took matters into my own hands creating distinguished, stainless-steel and carbon fiber products that featured both unique shapes and everyday functionality. I have strengthened myself creatively to successfully create

the brand’s vision. Being inspired by nature you can describe my designs as being organic.faye-ligui

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